Your Materials Network

turning waste streams into revenue streams for supply-chain transformation and a Circular Economy

A regional cross-sector platform enabling businesses and organizations to connect and find uses for secondary materials and by-products.

Unlocking regional collaboration and diverse experimentation of business models and operations.

The platform aims to create an innovative cross-sector eco-system as a collaborative network of businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs, where one organization’s waste becomes another organization’s resource, generating new business opportunities and job creation.

Organisations whether they are public entities, industry, small busisness, social entrepreneurs or NGOs can establish online marketplaces, enable new supply chains, establish or collaborate with new services hubs and more

Enabling a new eco-system for a Circular Economy by turning transactions into Action

If you are serious about collaboratively turning waste into resources - join the network, and support the system that is making it happen!

3 easy steps

1. Create your Profile

Set up your enterprise profile with a name, description, photos, contact details and social media links.

2. Add Your Materials

Add materials to your marketplace - your own and/or from other enterprises via new partnerships. Set images, descriptions, prices, stock levels and flexible weights and measures.

3. Set up Logistics

Set up payment methods. Create multiple pick-up points and delivery details. Create recurring orders and regular distributions.

Converting transactions into Action

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