Meet the Materials Network.

Convert your organisations waste into valuable resources for others. Save time and money by utilising a shared digital infrastructure that supports innovation and value creation without the risk. We are changing the game through collaboration.


Why the Materials Network?

We know you want impact on the triple bottom line and we are here to give you a competitive edge. Collaboration and cross-sector partnerships are the best way to accelerate the process.

All members have access to core features including:

  • Personalised marketplace with custom images and social media links.
  • B2B as well as B2C transactions
  • Enterprise visualised on the eco-system map
  • Public or private marketplaces based on your preferences
  • Unlimited listing of materials and certifications
  • Inventory management
  • The ability to connect with partners for collaboration
  • Potential to develop service hubs such as logistics and transport
  • Ability to add your own enterprise fees for transport, packing, sales, administration or even fundraising for a good cause
  • Enterprise fees are flexible based on your unique needs (flat rates, flat percentage, per order, per item, by weight and more)
  • Matchmaking opportunities and services

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